Merino Wool - The Wonder Yarn!

Merino wool is a natural fiber that comes predominantly from Australia, it is in-fact, the world's leading producer of wool and, is indeed where our Reali New York merino wool comes from!
We source our yarn from an award-winning certified sustainable farm in Australia’s New South Wales region. For over a century the farm has been breeding 25,000 merino sheep. Their breathtaking meadows, and breezy sun-kissed pastures are purely responsible for their lustrous coat: just water, air, sunshine, and, grass!
Merino wool comes from a specific breed, namely the Merino sheep which produces the finest, thinnest fibers in the world, about 1/3 the diameter of a human hair follicle, making it a superior fiber that is used in high-quality apparel manufacturing. This fine hand, softness, and multiple natural characteristics make it the ultimate performance fiber that appeals to an active and eco-conscience customer. Because of this, we like to call it the "wonder yarn!"
merino fleece
the benefits of merino wool

    Merino wool is the perfect piece to pack, and travel with or engage in activities like golfing, tennis, hiking, riding, or jet-setting across town! 

     We source our wool from a farm which supports ideal animal welfare and their environment. They utilize "ultra- modern technology and sustainable certified herd management processes. Their herd rotation system ensures that pastures are changed every 4 days allowing them to improve the land and favoring the replenishment of food. The conditions of the pastures influence the quality and length of the sheep’s fleece. Constant flow water troughs guarantee herd health." Their sheep have NOT been subjected to "mulesing"rather, the use of non-toxic spray ensures animal health and safeguards the environment.

    These merino fibers are then shipped to Italy to a 140-year-old, 4th generation, family-owned mill that has built their company on sustainability and socially responsible practices. There, they are re-combed, spun and dyed at a plant that is completely run on renewable energy activated by photovoltaic panels and hydroelectricity energy shown below.

    The yarn is then shipped here to NYC where our sweater manufacturing is done  utilizing zero waste knitwear technology. The most artisanal hand finishing techniques are used and utmost care given, while handling our sweaters. Then they are shipped in our beautiful branded packaging directly to your doorstep for you to enjoy for generations to come!

    Our merino sweaters are one of the best in the world!

    We hope you now understand what makes merino wool so special and the additional care and concern our suppliers and mills take to ensure that a Reali New York merino wool sweater is a superior sweater that sets us apart from the rest...certified sustainable and proudly made in New York City!


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