It is that special time of year again when holiday tunes fill the air and family & friends gather round the table... so let's take a moment during this brisk chill of Autumn to stop and reflect on why we're so grateful and all the Lil things that make us smile & keep us cozy & warm.

I'll start first...

I'd like to THANK all of YOU, our valued customers, and community!

We're incredibly thankful to you all for supporting independent woman-owned businesses like


  I am also so grateful for our team and all of our suppliers, especially our cashmere suppliers from Mongolia who care deeply about providing the most luxurious cashmere in the world in the most sustainable manner.

We're so proud of our collaboration with a family-run, state-of-the-art 4th -generation Italian-owned mill that does all of the yarns' spinning, finishing, and dyeing- which is completely run ​on renewable energy.
I know I'm providing my customer with yarns that have ethical roots, superior strength, and long staple fibers resulting in outstanding sheen and significantly less pilling than inferior brands on the market.


These yarns are then shipped to a great factory in NYC where the entire collection is proudly made using zero-waste knitwear technology, limiting excessive waste. This NYC factory embodies meticulous assembling and hand-finishing techniques combined with their innovative knitwear machines enabling Reali New York to produce the finest quality products with outstanding craftsmanship that sets us apart from the rest!

So because we are so filled with GRATITUDE, we are offering 50% OFF today!

 Plus all orders received today ONLY, will also receive a cashmere muffler for those cold days ahead! And as always, enjoy complimentary shipping and returns! 

Just use code GRATITUDE at checkout for 50% OFF!

 So after your thanksgiving meal is finished, and you've shared what you're most thankful for... you'll probably watch some football, cozy up by the fireplace, take a nap

eat some pie, take a trip to the tree farm or perhaps go for a run with some fresh powder on the slopes!

But please know that we are so appreciative of your business and for being part of our community and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Day

and we hope we can help YOU keep you cozy & warm!



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