Reali New York

The Wool Warms The Heart Initiative

We are pleased to launch our “Wool Warms The Heart” Initiative!
A wool blanket will be given to a local homeless shelter for every regular-priced item purchased over $750.
This is a call to help inner-city families at local homeless shelters throughout New York to receive warm wool blankets manufactured locally using excess yarn from surrounding knitwear factories. Our initiative will not only use waste yarn that would have normally ended up in landfills, but it will also help with the local manufacturing deficit and most of all, be a source of comfort and warmth for socially disadvantaged families. 
Customers, in turn, receive a handwritten note of thanks from us!
You'll know that a lot of good went into your purchase! Additional information on ways to get further involved with this cause is also included upon packaging.

Blankets are proudly made in NYC and bear our branded 'Wool Warms The Heart" label. They are made from merino wool that is super cozy warm!