The Must Have Tartan Plaid Sweater Of The Season!

You probably have noticed by now the menswear craze with Tartan plaids this season. This classic pattern has shown up on all the runways and onto the streets in no time and have come in all variations from oversized scale, to lumberjack classics, to super fuzzy to frayed and grungy to a combination of multiple patterns all mixed into one.  At Reali New York, we took the traditional Scottish Menzies pattern (shown below) and enlarged the scale to add to its masculine appeal. Our jacquard knit version is made from 4- ply organic cashmere.
 Americans have forever loved this classic pattern and Hollywood men have been attracted to this timeless design through the years as well!
The tartan plaid dates back some 3,000 years and is closely associated with Scottish culture. In 1822, the Tartan had a resurgence when George IV visited Edinburgh wearing a tartan kilt and decreed that people wear their respective family tartan to all official outings. Soon after, the tartan became the national dress of Scotland and every clan had their own family tartan. Years later, in the 1970's and the emergence of the punk rock era, the tartan plaid became widely popular and took the English pop and fashion culture by storm! Americans quickly adapted this love for tartan from across the pond! Soon after, Hollywood and the entertainment industry took notice and adapted the tartan within their wardrobes. Here are just a few Hollywood tartan plaid looks that I'm sure you'll appreciate!
David Gandy
Marlon Brando
David Beckham
John Legend
Jack Guiness
Chadwick Boseman
Photo Credit: GQ  Best Dressed Men
Reali New York



So Check A Cozy Tartan Plaid Sweater Off Your List This Holiday Season!
Wishing You All A Very Happy Thanksgiving! 

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