What Makes A Reali New York Sweater So Special?

If you're a friend of Reali New York, then you know by now how luxurious and sumptuous are sweaters are. But did you ever wonder what exactly makes them so special and different from the ordinary cashmere and merino sweaters on the market? Well, we'd love to share with you the unique differences that set us apart. We may be relatively new to the industry, and not widely known, but we consider ourselves the best-kept secret in the luxury sustainable knitwear market and we'd love to take a moment and unlock the sartorial secrets that enable us to stand out in the crowd. We set out on this journey to design luxury knitwear for the discerning individual and their considered lifestyle. Our vision to this day is to push the boundaries of sustainability and luxury knitwear, all while offering an incredible shopping experience with a commitment to outstanding customer service. 
We pride ourselves on the following four pillars which lay the foundation for our brand.
cashmere goats
Cashmere and merino are natural fibers and we have been committed from day one to source certified ethical and environmentally sustainable yarns from a 140-year-old fourth-generation family-owned Italian mill run on renewable energy.  In fact, this very mill directly owns and operates herding farms in the steeps of Mongolia that ensures their herding communities have clean water supplies, regenerative irrigation processes that enables the goats to graze on healthy pastures, provide veterinary care and inoculates 170,000+ goats against diseases and provides sanitizing programs for 500+ corrals. They hand comb all the hair to ensure best practices and optimal health. These benefits result in superior organic fibers with one of the longest strands yielding extra-fine sumptuous yarns (unlike other inferior brands that simply take their yarn from shorter pieces of fiber that are twisted together and quickly pill after a short time) Furthermore, the sustainable yarn that we use is also certified by "Cradle to Cradle, Product Innovation Institute", a governing body that ensures the sustainability criteria for certification is met. As you can see below, the yarn we use was awarded the GOLD level!  The yarns are then shipped to a state of the art mill in Italy, for spinning, finishing, and dyeing. All of the yarns used in our products are made from dyes that are the result of an extensive sustainable selection process, also governed by Cradle to Cradle™ criteria which limits chemicals and water runoff into the environment. All of our designs are produced in NYC using zero waste knitwear manufacturing. We also participate in a closed-loop product life cycle which allows us to later recycle sweaters into new styles.
We are a modern knitwear company reinventing classics. To do this, we design with unexpected technical details which are nuances on the familiar for our customer. We source superior local manufacturers and experts to finish our garments in NY to ensure quality knitting, finishing, and artisanal assembling techniques. Because we are a small brand that works in small batch production, we can ensure the most sartorial hand finishing details are applied at each step of the manufacturing process. From our hand stamped branded leather logo on each sweater, to our hand-cut leather or suede elbow patches, to our laborious hand linking of every seam, to the careful attention to knitting and assembling; each step is carefully executed by trained technicians who are masters of their craft. 

We use six-ply cashmere for substantial body and side vents for optimum comfort. We source the finest raw materials like natural buffalo horn buttons and have engineered buttonholes knitted into the garment for extra durability. Even our double face garments have a sartorial finish on each of its hand-bound seams. All of these little details enable us to produce the finest quality knitwear in the industry.

Our customer appreciates individuality and wants pieces to set them apart. We offer ready- to -wear (which is entirely customizable) made -to- measure, and bespoke knitwear services, which provides them with various levels of customization. Our extensive swatch, color, fabric, and trim libraries guide the process. We even offer design kits sent via mail, for those clients who prefer to order directly online. In it, we provide references of swatches for hand feel, color references, hide samples, and button, monogram, and embroidery references for ease of ordering. There is no other knitwear company that offers extensive customization offerings than Reali New York does.
We pride ourselves on the amazing client experience that Reali New York has come to be known for. We love to engage with our clients and get to know them on a personal level so as to meet their sweater wardrobe needs. Whether it be at an in-person meeting at our showroom at Spring Place in Tribeca or on an on-line chat or a virtual Zoom session to peruse the collection via video conference, we love to connect with our clients and service their needs. We even offer a concierge 'Repair and Care' service to maintain your sweater. Below you'll find a list of our complete concierge services that we are happy to provide our clients. We also put great attention to the packaging and preservation of your knitwear once purchased. Our luxurious packaging includes a zippered enclosure to preserve your knitwear during storage. We always enclose a handwritten note as well!
So I hope this gives you a better understanding of the brand, as you can see, Reali New York is a unique knitwear brand that not only offers luxurious sustainable modern knit designs, our dedication to our clients is at the forefront of our brand. 

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