The Behind The Scenes Look at Customizing A Cardigan!

Ever wonder what is involved when customizing a sweater? Well, just follow our very own Brand Ambassador, Douglas Hand, fashion(able) attorney, law professor, and author and host of "The Laws Of Style" to get a sneak peek into the process. 

Having your own sweater customized for you is such a special experience! There is a great sense of satisfaction knowing that this piece will be uniquely yours and yours alone... to be cherished forever! At Reali New York, we take great pride in this individualized process and cater to our client's needs, interests, and desires. We place our clients at the forefront of the design process.

Meet Douglas Hand, a Brand Ambassador of Reali New York and NYC's preeminent Fashion Attorney. We sat down to have a design session, so come take a look into the step by step process in selecting a custom sweater!

Upon perusing all of the samples from the collection, Douglas selected our 6-ply cashmere shawl collar cardigan to customize. I knew he was going to enjoy the design process! First, he determined which size would be best for him then he selected the color and was instantly attracted to our raw white in its natural state; which is free of dyes yielding the most buttery-soft hand feel in the world!

Next, Douglas chose a handsome authentic camel colored leather shank button that created a nice contrast against the raw white body color and added to its sense of laid back luxury. Finally, he went on to select his elbow patches from the wide range of colors and skins that are available in our design library. He selected a beautiful brown suede calf skin that coordinates with his leather shank buttons. Once everything was decided upon (and instagram posts were made- see above)  I informed our factory here in NYC of the design details and they went to work on his custom cardigan! 


Upon it's return to the studio, his custom cardigan went through an extensive post production review and it was luxuriously prepped and prepared in our custom branded bespoke box and inner packaging, which preserves our knitwear for ideal storage. We always enclose a card which reminds our valued clients of our 'Complimentary Concierge Services' which include lifetime maintenance & care of your sweater, and personal knitwear style services. A hand written card completes the packaging and it's off on its way where complimentary standard shipping are always included! 

Douglas received his package and obliged to video the big reveal!
Now Douglas can take all his video conference calls in style- and so can you! 

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